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"DIG TRIO" (2003)



“Feast your ears! The Dig Trio offers up a truly special blend of jazz rock fusion music. Their musical explorations into funk, samba, and swing, to name a few, show a deep respect for their musical roots while pushing the envelope full speed ahead in a modern direction. These are three superb musicians worth checking out!”
Rod Morgenstein, legendary drummer


"Great CD! Strong grooves, beautiful compositions, and masterful improvisations fusing a wide range of elements including Rock, Funk, Latin, and Contemporary Jazz. A must for those interested in progressive and lyrical instrumental music. An impressive display of power and versatility from three very talented musicians."
Bret Willmott, guitar legend - Berklee College of Music faculty



"An outstanding blend of Brazilian, Jazz Rock and experimental music. Essencial for fans of contemporary fusion!!"
Guitar Player Magazine Brazil, M. Okayama



Jazz N’ More Magazine – Switzerland - 2009
By S. Gerosa

"Even in the age of www there are groups that we don't know in this country. They come for example from Brazil like the DigTrio, hence the difficulty to find a label with worldwide distribution even despite the highest musical quality. A ray of hope is selling directly at concerts. The drummer Mauricio Zottarelli has been living in the United States for ten years and graduated from Berklee - he's the current drummer in Hiromi's band Sonicbloom. In the past he has played already with jazz greats such as Eliane Elias, Rosa Passos, Marc Johnson or Dave Fiuczynski. His DigTrio consists of two masters of the strings, Gustavo Assis-Brasil on guitar and David Pinto on 5-string electric bass. As a trio, they have found an individual sound already, which is distinguished by Brasil's excellent guitar playing. However electric bass solos and tight drum grooves are not missing here. A CD equally refreshing and worth hearing!"

Metronome Magazine - May 2005
by D. Sloan

"Former students of Berklee College of Music, guitarist Gustavo Assis-Brasil, 5-string bassist David Pinto and drummer Mauricio Zottarelli incorporated their lessons learned there with Brasil's and Zottarelli's ethnic Brazilian background and David Pinto's Pastorious-like lead bass lines. The end musical result is a beautiful flavoring of fusion, Latin and contemporary electric jazz.

Both Brasil and Pinto are blazing fretboard masters. Their individual command of their respective instruments is on a world class level. Zottarelli, who was already known to us as the drummer for Sarah Brindell (February 2005 Metronome cover artist), shows us that he can adapt efficiently to any musical style with amazing ability as well. Check out their song "Collect Call" inspired by the phone companies inconsistencies when calling home to Brazil. Madness abounds on this well performed number. Collectively, the Dig Trio is a musical force to be reckoned with. Expect to hear a lot more from this talented group. Outsanding!"



Drum Pro Magazine - CDI Publications

"Mauricio Zottarelli is a machine! I was very impressed with this album. This CD has a great mix of tunes from Fusion to Brazilian latin to tasty brush playing. The sound recording was also very nicely produced. Very Cool CD! Keep your eyes on Mauricio."


CDReviews.com - review by Alec DeSocio

" Jazz-fusion has always been considered estranged from traditional jazz music. Artists, like trumpet player, Wynton Marsalis, was said to believe that Miles Davis, who was prolific in the fusion genre, had become a glorified pop star with his return in the ‘80s. Marsalis also believes that Davis had “sold out” when Davis went electric to please Columbia Records. Marsalis also adds that as fusion progressed through the ‘70s, the genre was becoming more rock oriented. But that didn’t stop Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea’s band, Return to Forever, or the Dig Trio from making beautiful jazz-fusion.

Who is this Dig Trio that I speak of? How could I have the nerve to relate them to jazz greats like Hancock and Corea? It wouldn’t be fair to clump them in a group with other musicians because that would hide Dig Trio’s uniqueness. In fact, I can safely say that during these times of famous album reissues and old jazz greats packing in small NYC clubs lies an original band, Dig Trio. Blending jazz, funk, rock, and Latin with a hint of Brazilian into their compositions, Dig Trio unleashes improvisations into their progressive sound with ease.

Brazilian natives Gustavo Assis Brasil (guitar), Mauricio Zottarelli (drums) and New Yorker, David Pinto (bass) are the souls behind the music. The trio met at Berklee College of Music. From there they formed their bond and began a sophisticated, mature journey as a power trio. Performing primarily in the New England area, critics and fans began to take notice. Famous Dixie Dregs drummer, Rod Morgenstein, raves about the group saying: “…The Dig Trio offers up a truly special blend of jazz rock fusion music…” Of the album’s 12 tracks, “Collect Call” is especially prominent on the album. Not because of the funky Alphonso Johnson inspired bass line, but because of the impact and relevance of the song that it has on the band. “Collect Call” was born as guitarist, Brasil, was attempting to make a long distance call to his native Brazil. While waiting through the static and cacophony he began to scribble on a piece of score paper. The end result was the melody for the improvisational, “Collect Call”. Brasil and Zottarelli’s love and appreciation for their native Brazil doesn’t stop at “Collect Call,” though. “Baiao do Adeus” brings samba and Brazilian inspired rhythms over brushed chords and plucked scales.

Despite the fact that Dig Trio stays up north does not exclude them from becoming more prominent in the jazz scene. In fact, being less known keeps the uniqueness and artistry of the group intact. Next time, while traveling through New England, make a point to stop by and attend a show, and then ask yourself this question: Can you dig it? "


Gods of Music.com
by C. Aranosian

" When I first listen to and consider reviewing a new jazz recording, I never know quite what I am getting myself into. Even though I am disappointed more often than I would like, I still approach each new recording with the hope of encountering something really good, something that triggers a special reaction in me - and that is what I have found in Dig Trio's "Hearts and Minds". Hoo boy, this is tremendous!

Dig Trio, in this recording, is Gustavo Assis Brasil on guitar, Mauricio Zottarelli on drums and David Pinto on bass (Pinto has since been replaced by Michael Farquharson). The 3 musicians met at Berklee, so you'd probably guess they all have some outstanding chops, and you'd be right. What impressed me right from the first listen was the way the 3 of them play together, blending with a level of sensitivity and group dynamic often lacking in bands with such highly skilled individuals.

The stereotype of a trio is that it is a rhythm section, usually needing one or more people on a lead instrument to make the music sound "complete". This is not the case with Dig Trio - these guys fill the aural space quite nicely, each displaying a wide range of sounds and complexity, so nothing ever feel lacking here. I had to listen to this song a couple of times to convince myself that this was, in fact, only 3 people producing a band sound so full and rich.

All three players demonstrate a lightness of touch which I think is superb, in particular drummer Zottarelli, who manages to dance and flit through his parts with a marvelous feel. Brasil and Pinto are equally nimble and tasteful, striking a great balance between rhythm and lead. There is always something going on melodically and always an underlying harmonic and rhythmic foundation. And these guys are so tight!

While their Garageband site currently offers only a RealAudio version of "Hearts and Minds", I requested and was provided a hifi mp3 version, so I can attest to the high production standards on this recording. The quality of the recording is just as professional as the quality of musicianship.

"Hearts and Minds" is a truly fine recording, and I look forward enthusiastically to listening to more music from Dig Trio. "


from Abstract Logix.com

"Gustavo Assis Brasil on guitar, Mauricio Zottarelli on drums and David Pinto on bass from Berklee College of music have taken their learning process to the next step and have create a unique blend of jazz, funk, fusion, samba and everything else. The playing is absolutely brilliant with rhythmic touches of Wayne Krantz blended with very stunning compostions. The compostions are eclectic with very mature musical ideas. The three musicians play to each other pushing the musical barriers that has no real categorization. A lot of music lovers are going to hear about these guys in the near future. Check out their debut album. It is stunning. One of the best new recordings we have heard this year."






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