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DISCOGRAPHY - as a Leader/Collaborations

glasses no glasses cd

"Glasses, No Glasses"
Amanda Ruzza & Mauricio Zottarelli
Pimenta Music (2014)

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Amanda Ruzza (bass, effects), Mauricio Zottarelli (drums, percussion), Leo Genovese (keys, piano, sax, melodica, effects)

This free improvisation, live-in-the-studio spontaneous jam defies all stereotypes while revealing different musical sides of these two Brazilian compatriots and New York City residents. Simultaneously recalling aspects of P-Funk, Medeski, Martin & Wood and Weather Report, Glasses, No Glasses was recorded in just two days, without much planning. "It's not just music, it's a reflection of our friendship," says Amanda. "I think that’s how music comes out in its purest form," adds Mauricio, "when we’re just playing for fun with no compromises or preconceptions, just trying to listen to each other and arrive somewhere."

For more info, check - Glasses, No Glasses page

Samples of the music on SoundCloud



7 Lives cd

"7 Lives " - Mauricio Zottarelli
MZ Music (2009)

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Gustavo Assis Brasil (guitars), Itaiguara Brandão (bass), Milene Corso (vocals), Brandi Disterheft (bass), Dom Salvador (piano), Oriente Lopez (piano, flutes), Esperanza Spalding (bass), Cidinho Teixeira (piano), Rodrigo Ursaia (sax), Mauricio Zottarelli (drums, percussion)

"7 Lives" is Mauricio's debut album as a band leader/composer. On this project, Mauricio leads a 5-star ensemble + guests on music that crosses over many of his favorite styles and influences. Most of the music is written by Mauricio, and some of the covers include an interesting twist on the song "Pinocchio" by Wayne Shorter, as well as original songs by the three pianists on the record: Oriente Lopez, Dom Salvador and Cidinho Teixeira.

Check out some samples of the music.

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mozik cd

Mozik Records (2011)

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Gustavo Assis Brasil (guitars), Fernando Huergo (bass), Yulia Musayelyan (flute), Gilson Schachnik (piano, keys), Mauricio Zottarelli (drums, percussion)

"MOZIK" is a collaboration project between Mauricio Zottarelli and Gilson Schachnik. A muscular take on Brazilian music, it features original music as well as songs from the classic Brazilian songbook performed with a diverse array of influences such as Jazz, Latin, Funk, Fusion, Rock, and even some more traditional (and less known) Brazilian rhythms and grooves. The main goal for this MOZIK project was to play the music without too much preocupation of sounding "authentic", so it would flow through each player's influences and ideas.

Check out some samples of the music.

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dig trio cd

"Dig Trio"
Dig Trio
Independent (2003)

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Gustavo Assis Brasil (guitar), Mauricio Zottarelli (drums), David Pinto (bass)
Special guest: Garo Saraydarian (trombone)

The Dig Trio is an cohesive and impressive power trio, and its music is influenced by an eccletic mix of several musical styles resulting ina sound that is unique and sophisticated. This first recording of the trio features twelve original compositions reflecting the trio's versatility and musicality.

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Listen to some samples here.




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